Meaning of the brand name

We decided Charkh e Husna as a name for our brand after much research and thought. Charkh e Husna literally translates to ‘The spinning wheel of beauty’

While it is an Urdu name, it has a deeper meaning inspired by India-Pakistan’s historical freedom. The word ‘Charkh’ is a Farsi word for the spinning wheel that weaves cloth, commonly known as ‘Charkha’ in India and Pakistan.

Charkha was an integral part of income in pre-independence era and had a legendary importance in the freedom revolution. The word ‘Charkh’ in Charkh e Husna also represents the nature of the wheel, ever spinning, ever moving forward and every creating.

‘Husna’ is an Urdu word which translates to precious and beautiful. A true representation of the brand and its creations. We aim to celebrate the beauty of every woman, irrespective of age, size or shape. Husna is also an acronym of the names of founders of Charkh e Husna – Husnain & Nabila.

How a dream became a reality

Charkh e Husna was conceived in UAE during the lockdown of 2019. Keeping the spirit of India and Pakistan alive, we started with 20 unstitched suits of various brands sourced from domestic vendors in Pakistan. With the support of few but essential clients (that are still pillars of Charkh e Husna), we were able to create some noise in the market. The rest is history in writing.

Why shop with Charkh e Husna?

We are a one click e-shop for those who are a true Desi at heart and have an eye for quality and design. We directly source from Pakistan to ensure you get your hands on the latest ethnic trends.

Charkh e Husna Made to Order

Pick a suit, select your size, and select option for a made to order suit. Get your suit stitched at a click of a button as per your style and size and your order is good to go!

Our promise to you

Our products are 100% authentic and offered at unbeatable prices sourced from verified wholesalers in Pakistan. We also pay a thought that by sourcing from these vendors we are directly contributing to the well-being of our economies.

Till then, click at the comforts of your home, swipe so that you don’t feel a pinch in your pocket and receive the dress of your dreams at your doorstep.


Team Charkh e Husna

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